The 2021 Annual Dinner Videos

Because of the COVID-10 pandemic, the 2021 Annual Dinner was held online on Zoom. An unexpected benefit was that many of our friends from Sakai were able to attend the meeting.

Two videos were shown at the event:

  • Video Slide Show: 2019 Student Exchange (Sakai Students visit Berkeley)
  • Video Slide Show: 2020 Kindergarten Art

We have released them here on our website for your enjoyment.

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2021 Annual Dinner - 3/12/21

The 2021 Annual Dinner was held at 7pm (Pacific Time) on Friday, March 12, 2021.  Due to Covid-19, the meeting was held on Zoom and we had many of our friends from Sakai join the meeting.

We voted in the 2021 Board Members, gave updates on our current exchange programs and activities and showed  a video slide show of the 2019 Student Exchange (when Sakai students visited Berkeley) and of the 2020 Sakai Kindergarten art.    

Click here to see the Annual Dinner Agenda